Virtual Screening Room

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A virtual cinema is a new way for audiences to watch newly released films from the safety of their homes, while also supporting your friendly, neighborhood independent movie theater (that would be us). 

Movies in the TCAN Virtual Screening Room are made available by several different movie distributors, so the process might vary a bit for each one. Our WATCH NOW button will take you directly to the movie distributor’s website to purchase and watch the film, similar to renting “Pay-per-View” movies on your local cable TV. By using TCAN’s WATCH NOW button, a portion of your ticket will help support TCAN.

If you choose to do so, you can make a donation to TCAN using the DONATE NOW button on the page of our website describing the movie. !00% of this donation will provide direct assistance to TCAN while our regular programming is suspended due to the pandemic. You can also make a donation now using the button below.

Detailed instructions for viewing the film will be found on each movie distributor’s web page, but to get you started here are some tips for viewing the film at home, after you make payment for your movie. Please be sure to test your setup BEFORE buying the movie so you can enjoy it the way you prefer.

Home Computer, Smartphone and Tablet
Just about every movie distributor makes it easy to watch a movie on an internet browser, an iPhone or Android smartphone, or a tablet like an iPad or Kindle with an internet browser. Some will ask you to create an account, which only requires your name, email address and a password. You may receive a confirmation email with a link for you to watch the film, so be sure to check your email Inbox after you purchase the movie.
Google Chromecast and AppleTV
These devices allow you to purchase the movie on your phone, tablet or laptop and then “stream” the movie wirelessly to watch it on your big screen TV. Cool! This is NOT complicated – but since these devices function a little bit differently, you should experiment with this setup before purchasing your movie. It’s important to remember that all streaming solutions require your personal device, and streaming device, to be connected to the same WiFi network.
Amazon Firestick
This device is installed to your TV using one of its HDMI ports, and allows you to connect to your home wireless network. Once you activate your Firestick, you can go to the APPS menu and download a web browser called SILK. Once you open the web browser, type in the link associated with the film you purchased and enjoy.
Roku Media Player
Roku streaming devices support a feature called Screen Mirroring, which you can activate in the Settings menu. You’ll also need to download and install the Roku app on your phone or other personal device. Once the Roku app is installed, you can access the movie on your phone, tablet or similar device then look for the “Cast” icon on the screen of your device. Just click on this icon to send the movie to the TV connected to your Roku.
Smart TV
There are many types of Smart TV's, and while most support casting in some fashion, not all of them support casting in the same exact way. While we can't provide detailed instructions for all your televisions, a short Google search should reveal the secrets of casting on your home TV.