Summer Theater Workshops

Plant a seed and watch it grow...sing, move, act, create!

At TCAN, arts education is our priority - but your children will only know they're having fun! Kids build funky people structures, paint daffodils and breathe life into classic kid’s stories - acting, dancing, and singing their way through a fun-filled season. By selecting from a variety of sessions, your child can choose what they want to do, and you get the guarantee of a rewarding and fun arts experience. Single week vacation workshops are offered during the summer school vacation weeks for children pre-school through teens, with half-day and full-day* sessions held weekdays from 9:00am - 3:00pm (see class list for specific workshop programs, descriptions and schedule).


2019 Schedule

July 15 - 19
The Wizard of Oz
Everyone’s favorite classic starring the lion, the tinman, the scarecrow, dorothy, toto, the witches, the munchkins and  those crazy flying monkeys!


July 22 - 26
Madeline and Pepito have run off to join the carnival with a band of traveling gypsies! At first they're having the time of their lives, but then they get homesick. Leave it to clever Miss Clavel and the other orphans to find them and bring them home.


July 29 - August 2
The Princess and the Pizza
Paulina, the Princess competes against her peers for the hand of Prince Drupert, the sorry-looking son of overbearing Queen Zelda.  Paulina knows the old pea-in-the-mattress trick and is unintimidated by the other princesses.  But the kitchen challenge comes close to defeating her until, she whips up a pizza wowing Queen Zelda


August 5 - 9
A Rat in the Kitchen: Ratatouille's Cousin Louis
If you loved Ratatouille you won't want to miss this crazy parody starring his cousin, a rat named Louie who lives in Italy. When Louie hears what a big time chef that Ratatouille has become, there's only one thing he can do . . . find his own kitchen to turn upside down. Starring lots of crazy chefs, disapproving rats and unique customers that aren't sure what to think!


August 12 - 16
The Reluctant Dragon
A gentle young dragon who loves to paint and write poetry, befriends a group of children and together, with the help of a few kind knights and princesses,  they teach their small village that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  A wonderful story of friendship, compassion, art and acceptance.  Look Mom,  a fairytale with no bad guys!


Full Class Schedule

For half-day workshops, please have your child bring a nut-free snack and a water bottle. For full-day workshops, your child must bring a nut-free lunch, two nut-free snacks and a water bottle. Your child should be dressed in clothes that can get messy! Upon registration, download an Emergency Information Form at the bottom of this page and bring the completed form with you to the first day of class. All workshops are grouped by age and taught by professional theater artists. Refunds for summer workshops will be granted only if notification is given no later than May 18. There is a $10 administration fee for all refunds. Prorated fees/partial attendance is not available.

Directed by: Pocket Full of Tales Theatre Company

Kristy Pace is the Director of TCAN's Theater Education Programs and founder of The Pocket Full of Tales Theatre Company. Her experience in teaching dramatic arts and directing children's theater includes successful productions at the Worcester Children's Theater, The Fiddlehead Theater Company, Kidstock Creative Theater Education Center, Theater After Hours, and dozens of theatre programs for pre-school, elementary and secondary school children in Massachusetts, North Carolina and Los Angeles. Kristy earned her Master's Degree in Theatre Education from Emerson College, and holds an MA Teaching Certificate in Communications and Performing Arts for grades K-12. Kristy has performed in and directed live theater throughout New England and in Los Angeles since 1984.