Policies and Info


Thank you for signing up to volunteer at TCAN. We rely on the generosity of volunteers like you to present performances of the highest quality that are affordable and close to home. Volunteering at TCAN is a great way to enjoy a program, give back to the community, make new friends, and have a great time!

Download the TCAN Volunteer Training materials using the link at the bottom of this page.

Event Volunteer Instructions

  1. SIGN UP FOR EVENTS by selecting volunteer opportunities for the events shown.
  2. CHECK YOUR EMAIL for confirmation of your volunteer assignment. Your registration is not confirmed until you receive this message. You may also receive emails from the Event Leader with updates for that event. You will also receive a reminder email a few days prior to your assignment.

Event Volunteer Policies

A limited number of volunteers are selected for each event, so please register for events ONLY when you are certain you will be available. If you must cancel your commitment to volunteer, please provide as much notice as possible. Within three days of the event, please contact the TCAN Box Office at 508-647-0097 x201.
Selection of programs
TCAN presents a diverse array of performances, and volunteers are needed for all of them. TCAN event volunteers are expected to support a mix of family events, classical performances, and community theatre productions in addition to popular music concerts. For this reason we request volunteers support a minimum of three events annually, from at least three different event categories.
Selection of volunteers
For events featuring popular national touring artists, requests from willing volunteers frequently exceed the number of positions available. Preference is given to volunteers with a solid track record of attendance, reliability, and on-the-job performance. The only way to be guaranteed you see a show is to purchase a ticket.
Your specific responsibilities at the event will be provided to you by the Event Leader. Event volunteers are frequently assigned to sell merchandise, sell concessions, staff the box office and usher patrons to their seats. All volunteers help clean the entire space and common areas following the performance. Arrival schedule for volunteers is generally one hour prior to performance, to allow time for preparation and direction. Most importantly, SMILE! Our role is to serve the patron and make their experience at TCAN enjoyable and memorable.
TCAN has no prescribed dress code, but event volunteers should use the audience as a guide. Consider what patrons will be wearing and select something similar. Classical events are more tailored (no jeans please), rock shows are much more casual, and folk is typically somewhere in the middle.
Silence is Golden
We are committed to creating a completely immersive experience for every TCAN event. This is what makes the TCAN experience unique. It is the job of all staff and volunteers to eliminate distractions -- conversations between volunteers, use of electronic devices, lobby conversations, dramatic changes in temperature, extraneous lights, crying babies, fidgeting toddlers, or rude patrons. All staff and volunteers are asked to take personal responsibility to prevent and eliminate distractions to the program. If you require assistance, notify the Event Leader of any situations that must be addressed.
Guests are not permitted on your volunteer assignment. Friends and family who accompany you to the event must be individually confirmed as volunteers, or purchase a ticket.
Artist Privacy
Before and during the performance, the Event Leader is the single individual permitted to make contact with the performing artist(s). Volunteers are not permitted to enter the dressing room or initiate contact with the artist(s), unless requested by the Event Leader, regardless of any personal relationship that may exist. Following the event, volunteers are free to meet the artist in the lobby along with other patrons. Remember that as a TCAN volunteer, you represent the organization and should conduct any exchange with the artist with appropriate courtesy, confidentiality and professionalism.
TCAN Membership
Your volunteer service to TCAN is extremely valuable to us. But because you are familiar with our work, you know that it takes both participation and money to accomplish our mission. For this reason, we encourage all volunteers to become contributing TCAN members. Visit our Membership page for information on member benefits, and to join online.
If you know of someone interested in volunteering at TCAN, invite them to fill out an inquiry form.



Finally, thank you for volunteering your time and talent to support TCAN’s mission as an active volunteer. Your volunteer service makes it possible for everyone in our community to enjoy the benefits of the arts. Thank you!