Oshima Brothers & Taylor Ashton

Thursday September 8, 2022
$22 public | $18 members

Jamie and Sean Oshima pleasantly resist the rock cliché of brothers who feud and fight. While the two admit they don’t always see eye-to-eye, their creative partnership is overwhelmingly positive – from the wonderful way their voices harmonize and their overlapping musical taste to having someone who has had your back for your entire life. “It’s every musician’s dream to work with a brilliant and multifaceted as Jamie, he makes my job easy,” Sean states. 

Oshima Brothers are eager to play to live crowds again and share their Dark Nights Golden Days album and film. However, they also are excited about what lays ahead. The two both love making music and recognize the power that art has in affecting change. “I want to double down on who we truly are and not on what we look like to other people,” Jamie explains. “We’re diving in headfirst,” Sean adds, “and, if this ride is anything like the one we’ve had so far, it’s going to be amazing.”

Taylor Ashton is a Canadian singer and songwriter living in Brooklyn. He spent the first half of his twenties on the road across Canada as frontman of the band Fish & Bird before moving to New York to work on a new set of songs and a new chapter of life. His music takes influence from the cosmic emotionality of Joni Mitchell, the sage vulnerability of Bill Withers, the humor and heartbreak of Randy Newman, and old-time and Celtic folk music. Alternately accompanying himself on clawhammer banjo and electric guitar, Taylor croons poignantly clever lyrical insights while effortlessly gliding between a Bill Callahan-esque baritone to a Thom Yorke-like falsetto.

His full-length debut album The Romantic was released in early 2020, followed by a companion EP "Romanticize" featuring remixes, reimaginings, and new songs. His songwriting appears on albums by Watkins Family Hour, the Brother Brothers, Benjamin Lazar Davis and others, and he has released singles with Aoife O'Donovan, The Fretless, and Aerialists, as well as a moody acoustic duo record in 2018 with songwriter & guitarist Courtney Hartman. Much is in store for 2022, including at least one new album and more fruitful collaborations.