FILM: The Heart of Nuba

Showtimes: Thursday, June 21
$12 public | $10 members

Following the screenings, there will be an audience Q&A with the Chair of the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, Eric Cohen. The June 2nd screening will host both Eric Cohen and Aymen Korika, who is from the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.


The only surgeon within 200 miles, ‘Dr. Tom’ does his best to save lives in the midst of carnage and terror, treating as many as 400 patients a day at Mother of Mercy Hospital, nestled in the heart of the Nuba Mountains. The region is the latest target of Omar al-Bashir, a man wanted by the International Criminal Court for committing crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur. Surrounded by a country at war, living under the constant shadow of aerial bombardment, Dr. Tom and his mostly local staff defy Bashir’s ban on humanitarian aid, and work tirelessly to serve the Nuba people. This population of one million Muslims, Christians, Animists and Africans of traditional belief have lived together harmoniously for centuries. Now, together with Dr. Tom Catena, they struggle to survive.

Rating:​ N/R​
Director: ​ Kenneth A. Carlson ​
Date: ​April 8 2018​
​Starring:​ Dr Tom Catena​, Cornelio Catena, Fr. Paul Catena, Gene Catena
Runtime: ​85 mins
Format: DCP
Language: English