Film: The African Queen

Showtimes: Monday, March 26
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Adapted from a novel by C.S. Forester, The African Queen stars Humphrey Bogart in his Oscar-winning portrayal of Charlie Allnut, the slovenly, gin-swilling captain of a tramp steamer called the African Queen, which ships supplies to small East African villages during World War I. Katharine Hepburn plays Rose Sayer, the maiden-lady sister of a prim British missionary, Rev. Samuel Sayer (Robert Morley). When Germans invade and Samuel dies, Allnut offers to take Rose back to civilization. She can't tolerate his drinking or bad manners; he isn't crazy about her imperious, judgmental attitude. However it does not take long before their passionate dislike turns to love.

Rating: PG
Director: John Huston
Release Date: March 21 1952
Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley
Runtime: 105 mins
Format: DCP
Language: English