1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

Showtimes: Tuesday, April 4
$15 all tickets

Join us for a special screening of the classic film version of George Orwell’s chillingly prophetic novel, 1984, starring John Hurt and Richard Burton. The screening date of April 4 is also the day Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith begins rebelling against his oppressive government by keeping a forbidden diary. TCAN is one of over 180 independent cinemas in the U.S. that will be banding together to screen 1984 on April 4 2017.(United State of Cinema)

This stunning screen adaptation of George Orwell’s prophetic 1948 novel envisions a world in which the government completely controls the masses by controlling their thoughts, altering history and even changing the meaning of words to suit its needs. The film is set during April of 1984 in post-atomic war London, the capital city of the repressive totalitarian state of Oceania. Winston Smith (John Hurt) is a government bureaucrat whose job is rewriting history and erasing people from existence. While his co-worker Parsons (Gregor Fisher) seems content to follow the state’s laws, Winston starts to write in a secret diary despite the fact the Big Brother is watching everyone at all times by way of monitors. He silently suffers and tries to comprehend his oppression, which forbids individual human behaviors such as free thinking and sex. He meets Julia (Suzanna Hamilton), who works for the Ministry of Truth, and they engage in a stoic love affair. They are soon found out, and Winston is interrogated and tortured by his former friend O’Brien (Richard Burton in his final film appearance). This second adaptation of Orwell’s classic novel (the first was released in 1956) was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Radford (Il Postino: The Postman).

Released: 1984
Director: Michael Radford
Writers: George Orwell, Michael Radford
Stars: John Hurt, Richard Burton, Suzanna Hamilton
Rated: R
Running Time: 113 minutes

Winner of two Evening Standard British Film Awards: Best Film (Michael Radford, Director), Best Actor (John Hurt)

A portion of the proceeds from this screening of 1984 will be donated to MASSCreative, a nonprofit arts advocacy organization based in Boston, MA. MASSCreative works with artists, leaders, supporters, and partners of the arts, cultural, and creative community to advocate for the resources and support necessary for the arts sector to thrive in our communities. Visit mass-creative.org.