Online Help - Ticketing and Memberships

Using an online system powered by PatronManager, all patrons and members can purchase tickets for events and classes, make donations, purchase or renew memberships.

Do I need a username and password to purchase tickets?

For non-members (general public) there's no need to log in to the system to complete your purchase. Just enter your contact information, email address for confirmation, and payment info.

For TCAN members, log in to your account to get discounts and access to pre-sale events. Just click on the "Log In" link on the Online Ticketing page displayed when you first access the ticketing system. Please use your full email address as the username. Forgot your password? Just enter your username (email address) and click the link "Forget Your Password?". An email message will be sent to your email address with a temporary password (check your SPAM folder if you can't locate this email!). We suggest you COPY and PASTE the new password into the login screen - it can be a pretty tricky combination of letters, numbers and punctuation. Please remember to record your password somewhere safe where it won't be lost or forgotten.

PLEASE NOTE: Your TCAN membership has only one email address associated with it. For the system to recognize you as a TCAN member, use the email address associated with your account. You can change that email address once you log in successfully, or call one of our box office volunteers for assistance at 508-647-0097.

How do I purchase tickets online?

It's easy. Find the event you want to purchase on our website calendar and look for the red buttons labeled MEMBERS and PUBLIC. If the event is onsale to members only, the PUBLIC button will be grayed out until the public onsale date.

Your browser will open a new browser window displaying the appropriate Online Ticketing screen. On the right side of the menu bar you'll see a link for "Log In".

PUBLIC tickets may be purchased without any log in. Once again, you will be prompted for your contact information, email address for confirmation, and payment info.

MEMBERS may purchase tickets by logging in using your member username (email address) and password. Once the system recognizes you as a member, you will automatically receive access to "members only" events and member discounts. You may also update your contact information, view your order history and donation history, and renew your membership.

What are ticketing fees, and how can I see them in my ticket order?

Our online ticketing provider charges the buyer (that would be you) a fee to purchase tickets online, which covers the cost of their system and network along with credit card processing fees charged by your bank. The online fee is around 14% of the ticket value, but we cap the fee at $6.50 per ticket. TCAN also charges a $1 Restoration Fee for each ticket purchased -- we use these funds to help care for our historic Firehouse facility. These fees can be seen on the Checkout screen of your ticket order, just click the link that says "See details" on the left side, below the ticket information.

If you decide to call the box office to buy tickets instead of purchasing online, you can avoid paying the online ticketing fee -- but we still charge $1 Restoration Fee and $1 Service Fee per ticket for telephone orders.

P.S. No one likes paying a fee for anything...we get it. But many patrons value the convenience of buying reserved seat tickets online at 1:00am in their pajamas, and the ticketing companies are there to provide this service. Look on the bright side -- you will not be paying for parking on the night of the show, which typically runs $20 - $30 or more in downtown Boston. And in an intimate venue like TCAN, your seats will be closer to the stage and you'll probably meet the artist after the show. The total price, including fees, still represents a great value.

How will I get my actual tickets? Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

You will receive an email confirmation of any purchase, which is your only receipt. Generally speaking, tickets are not tax-deductible, even though we are a nonprofit organization. Memberships and donations ARE tax-deductible, so hang on to that receipt - you may need it at tax time. If you can't locate the email message, be sure to check your SPAM folder and be sure to identify the address as an acceptable address for future messages.  For all events, tickets may be picked at at the Box Office "Will-Call" area prior to the show -- we don't mail tickets.

When in doubt -- call us!

If you're still having trouble, please call our Box Office at 508-647-0097 x201. If the Box Office isn't open you can leave a message which we will return when the Box Office reopens.