With your help, we're going to build a movie theater on TCAN's upper level.

When TCAN restored Natick's Central Fire Station in 2001, we created a single unobstructed performance venue on the ground floor. The beautiful upper level, with 3,300 square feet of space and a 30 foot high vaulted ceiling, has never been used or even revealed to the general public… until now.

We have a unique opportunity to expand our programming by transforming this beautiful second level into a new venue for movies and special events. Imagine a lineup of programming that adds movies to our calendar of rock, folk, jazz, classical and theater performances. Close to home -- so you can enjoy events more often with less hassle.

So far, TCAN members and supporters have already contributed over $1.1 million dollars to make these goals a reality… that’s 70% of our campaign goal of 1.6M.

With support from our generous donors, we are ready to move forward with the construction of the new venue, including the renovation of our lobby area and the addition of a second floor stairway, bathrooms and common areas. The renovation is planned for completion in early September 2016.

But to actually deliver arts programs in this space, we need your help.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign to bring us closer to our completion goal of $1.6M. This campaign will only last for 45 days (ends on Friday July 22 at 11pm), so we need to move quickly.  

Meeting and exceeding our goal of $75,000 for this Kickstarter campaign will fund the following technology components to support the programming we have planned:

  • State-of-the-art digital cinema projector utilizing DLP technology
  • Professional digital cinema server for commercial video content delivery
  • Video routing and processing hardware
  • Tech booth equipment rack and custom enclosures

Together we can make this project a reality. We invite all TCAN patrons, members and friends to join our campaign!

For further information about our transformation or to donate now - visit us at