JUST ADDED: Mark & Maggie O'Connor - American Classics


TCAN is pleased to announce a rare performance by American violinist Mark O'Connor, performing with his wife Maggie in a program called, American Classics.

Tickets and information for Mark & Maggie O'Connor - American Classics

Mark and Maggie O’Connor - American Classics identifies the cornerstones of repertoire, style and wonderful diversity of A New American School of String Playing. Mining a huge body of repertoire that has made its impact on American music, the tunes I have selected and the arrangements I have created from them represent stylistic importance, pedagogical value and have timeless appeal. 400 years of music informed by string playing in the Americas establishes relevance for the 21st century music audience as well as the student of music through the O’Connor Method book series. It does so by returning the violin to its rightful place at the center of the very music it helped to create and promote.

The American music styles and compositions contained in American Classics helped to create culture and inspire deep understanding between people of various ethnicities and races. The music emanating from great musicians of the Americas was not only for the purpose of telling their stories, but also to inspire future stories to be told. An American song or tune is a living artistic monument – one that changes or even transforms itself with each era, with each musician and in fact with each performance. The music can change with each performance because it was designed to be changed. Western European classical masterpieces are meant to be replicated; American musical pieces are intended to be recreated again and again. There is no better musical path through which a musician can learn creativity.

American Classics and the O’Connor Method at its core, pushes violin playing technique and stylistic development and unlocks the key to further creativity through the improvisational spirit of string playing that has reached across the Americas for hundreds of years of music history. It also established foundational musical languages by way of four major traditional styles - hoedown, blues, spiritual and ragtime.