Livestream Events

Click here for a full listing of upcoming livestream events.

TCAN livestream events offer you an opportunity to stay connected to TCAN performing artists from the comfort of your home. 

Some livestreams are free, some are ticketed. For free events, the "Watch Now" button will direct you to the livestream event. For ticketed events, The "Buy Tickets" button will direct you to purchase a ticket prior to the livestream event. After tickets are purchased, your order confirmation email will contain an access code and link to view the livestream event. Each access code allows for one device to connect to the livestream. If you wish to watch on multiple devices, you will need to purchase additional tickets.

Please keep in mind, ticket buying and donations help support the performing artists, as well as TCAN. All donations big or small are encouraged and appreciated. Donations can be made prior to the event using the "Donate Now" button found on the calendar listings, or during the show using the "Donate Now" links in the description or chat areas.

Here are some tips and FAQ for viewing livestreams at home. Please be sure to test your setup BEFORE starting the livestream so you can enjoy it the way you prefer - not every livestream platform supports every streaming device!

Home Computer, Smartphone and Tablet
Just about every platform makes it easy to view livestreams on an internet browser, an iPhone or Android smartphone, or a tablet like an iPad or Kindle with an internet browser. Use the YouTube app on your mobile device to launch free livestreams, or for ticketed livestreams, use the link you received in our confirmation email. You can watch on your device, or use an HDMI cable to plug your mobile device into an open HDMI port on your television to view on the big screen. Be sure to select the correct HDMI port on your television as the "Source" you wish to view.
Google Chromecast and AppleTV
These devices allow you to start the livestream on your phone, tablet or laptop and then “stream” it wirelessly to watch it on your big screen TV. Cool! This is NOT complicated – but since these devices function a little bit differently, you should experiment with this setup before starting the livestream. Most importantly: all streaming solutions require your mobile device, and streaming device, to be connected to the same WiFi network in your home. Access the livestream using your mobile device first, then look on your mobile device for the icon that allows you to select an external streaming device to "screencast" the video.
Amazon Firestick
This device is installed to your TV using one of its HDMI ports, and allows you to connect to your home wireless network. Once you activate your Firestick, you can go to the APPS menu and download a web browser called SILK. Once you open the web browser, type in the link associated with the video you purchased and enjoy.
Roku Media Player
If you have a newer Roku streaming device such as the 4K Roku Ultra, you can easily stream from your mobile device. Just bring up the video on your mobile device, and look for the streaming icon  above the video, select that icon, and choose your Roku from the available streaming devices. Remember that your phone and streaming device must be attached to the same wireless network. Almost all Roku streaming devices also support a feature called Screen Mirroring, which you can activate in the Settings menu. You’ll also need to download and install the Roku app on your phone or other personal device. Once the Roku app is installed, you can access the movie on your phone, tablet or similar device then look for the “Cast” icon on the screen of your device. Just click on this icon to send the video to the TV connected to your Roku. Please note that Roku does not support all streaming platforms - be sure to test your system early and look for another method if a livestream platform is not supported.
Smart TV
There are many types of Smart TV's, and while most support casting in some fashion, not all of them support casting in the same exact way. While we can't provide detailed instructions for all your televisions, a short Google search should reveal the secrets of casting on your home TV.