Founders Society

The TCAN Founders Society was established in 2005 to honor the dedication of a distinguished group of TCAN's most generous benefactors and friends. Many of these Founders Society members were also instrumental in the creation of TCAN at its inception, working and participating as active volunteers. They infused the organization with great energy and helped foster community programs, provided professional expertise and helped establish TCAN as a premier arts institution in MetroWest. 

The arts organization launched by these individuals, families and local businesses in 1997 was made possible through their collective commitment to a simple and powerful idea -- that the arts can bring us together as a community, providing a rich form of communication that invites and allows people to meet, understand and accept one another. The result has been thousands of performances and arts events of all kinds that have helped strengthen our bond as a community and improve the quality of life in our region.

With a goal to create an institution that would present arts programs of the highest standard, members of the Founders Society have contributed over $5 million to ensure that the organization and its historic facility are here to serve generations to come. TCAN is pleased to honor donors whose generosity supports its cultural mission. Those individuals who have made cumulative gifts of $15,000 or more to TCAN, and organizations contributing $30,000 or more are honored as members of the Founders Society. In addition to their philanthropic support, Founders Society members are at the heart of the TCAN community, serving as volunteers, board members and advocates for The Center for Arts in Natick.