2010 Season

Jake's Women
Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Bob Marcus
Produced by Faye Harrington

Jake is a novelist who faces his marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life: a revered first wife who was killed in an accident; his daughter as a child and as a young woman; his bossy sister; an opinionated analyst; his current wife who is leaving Jake for another man; and a prospective third wife. The wildly comic and sometimes moving flashbacks played in his mind are only interrupted by visits from the actual women. Directed by Bob Marcus.



March 5-14, 2010

Jake - Paul Gillespie
Maggie - Pat Langille
Karen - Lida McGirr
Mollie, Age 12 - Nora Panahi
Mollie, Age 21 - Sarah Jacobs
Edith - Rachael Robiner
Julie - Jordan Spruill
Sheila - Elizabeth Duran

Twentieth Century
by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht
Adapted by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Jennifer Shea
Produced by Faye Harrington

A struggling Broadway producer tries to get a former lover, now a Hollywood star, to sign a contract to star in his latest (and as yet un-conceived) play as they travel on the luxury train Twentieth Century Limited from Chicago to New York.

June 4-13, 2010

Oscar Jaffe - Will McGregor
Lily Garland - Angela Courtney Rossi
Ida Webb - Rachael Robiner
Owen O'Malley - Matt Cederholm
Conductor - Pat Petipas
Porter/Beard - Greg Hikel
Matthew Clark - Ron Lacey
Dr. Lockwood - Adam Hoffman
Anita Highland - Rebecca Mae Davis
George Smith - Matt Surette
Max Jacobs - Doug Bolduc
Detective Barnes - Steve Mayer

Doubt: A Parable
by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Matt Cederholm and Margaret Umbsen
Produced by Faye Harrington
and Marcy Bailey-Adams

#1 Play of 2004 (Time, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly, Daily News, Star-Ledger, Associated Press, Timeout New York, Wall Street Journal)
10th Anniversary Production

When a zealous Principal confronts a Priest about a relationship with a student, is she on a witch-hunt, or is the Priest hiding a dark secret?

November 5-14, 2010

Father Flynn - Ron Lacey
Sister Aloysius - Renee Miller
Sister James - Maggie Nichols
Mrs. Muller - Dayenne Walters