2004 Season

A Piece of My Heart
by Shirley Lauro
Directed by Lida McGirr

This is a powerful, true drama of six women who went to Vietnam: five nurses and a country western singer booked by an unscrupulous agent to entertain the troops. The play portrays each young woman before, during, and after her tour in the war-torn nation and ends as each leaves a personal token at the memorial wall in Washington.A Piece of My Heart premiered in New York at Manhattan Theatre Club, and now has enjoyed over 1000 productions here and abroad. It has recently been named "The most enduring play on Vietnam in the nation," by The Vietnam Vets Association.

October 1-10, 2004

Martha - Karen Dervin
MaryJo - Jennifer Shea
Sissy - Lis Adams
Whitney - Stephanie L. Steinbach *
Leeann - Mariko Kanto
Steele - Jeanette Lake-Jackson
The American Men - Murtagh Hunt **

*Best Actor - Murtagh Hunt (EMACT, Nominated)
**Best Actress - Stephanie L. Steinbach (EMACT, Winner)

Miracle on 34th Street
Adapted by Valentine Davies
Directed by Mike Wood

Kris Kringle is the personification of good will and holiday spirit. As Macy's holiday Santa, he enchants children and shoppers so completely that he is deemed dangerous by fellow employees who question his competency and plot to ruin him. A small girl's belief in Santa and the magic of the holiday is at stake in a climactic courtroom decision. This hilarious, tender and charming show for the entire family is a Christmas classic.

December 3-12, 2004

Kris Kringle - Steve Rapson
Dr. Pierce - Janine Gauntt
Doris Walker - Karen Wagner
Mr. ShellHammer - Tony Moreira
Miss Adams - Norma McGrath
Drunk Santa - Fred Marden
Little Girl - Azita Lotfi
Cleo - Trish Carney
Fred Gailey - Murtagh Hunt
Susan Walker - Rebecca Horan
Teacher - Kelly Rizoli
Jacqueline - Michelle Bornstein
Judy - Caitlin Greenho
Sally - Stephanie Pilavin
Maria - Rachael Bornstein
Other Children - Azita Lotfi, Jasmine Lotfi
Mr. Macy - John Kopec
Miss Sawyer - Alison Cook
Newspaper Girls - Maggie Ryan, Jazmin Lotfi
Mr. Gimble - Dick Heaton
Radio Announcer - Mike Wood
Photographer - Danny McDonald
Dr. Rogers - Erika Eisman
Judge Harper - Fred Marden
Finley the Bailiff - Dick Heaton
Charlie Halloran - Chuck Holleman
Mrs. Mara - Kris Maples
Harper Grandchildren - Kelly Rizoli, Caitlin Greenho, Azita Lotfi, Stephanie Pilavin
Reporter - Kelly Rizoli
Postal Workers - Elwood Ireland, Danny McDonald