Staff Contacts

David Lavalley
Executive Director and Bookings

508-647-0097 x204
Erin Basile
Director of Programming

508-647-0097 x207
Josh Valentine
Theatre Operations Manager 

508-647-0097 x202
Nicola Anderson
Cinema Program Director

508-647-0097 x203
Kerry Fraser
Marketing and Development Coordinator

508-647-0097 x205
Bill Doucette
Facilities Coordinator

508-647-0097 x202
Cheryl Ebeling

508-647-0097 x203
Valerie Barretto
Development Associate

508-647-0097 x209
Joe Idzal
Production - House Audio Engineer

508-647-0097 x202
Doreen Pendergast
Patron Services

508-647-0097 x208
Sherry Sandoval
Event Management and FOH

Faye Harrington
TCAN Players

Mark Stepakoff
TCAN Folk Open Mic

Eileen Weber
Community Outreach