The Yo-Yo People

Saturday March 2, 2019
$12 adult | $10 children

"Man! Whoa! That was unbelievable!" - David Letterman

As three-time Guinness World Record Holders, this husband and wife duo know how to impress a crowd with their yo-yo feats. The couple brings back the nostalgic toy, reminding you of old favorite tricks such as Walk the Dog and Rock the Baby, then amazes you with new and bizarre tricks, such as Boingy-Boingy and Iron Whip. You'll see yo-yos attached to bouncy balls, yo-yos with 10-foot strings, and multiple yo-yos looping with hula hoops and unicycles. As seen on David Letterman, the pair also holds a 2008 Yo-Yo World Champion title and have performed in over 25 countries.