School of Rock Natick

Sunday September 16, 2018

On September 16th, School of Rock Natick's Performance Program students pay tribute to Pink Floyd, and to some of the the best bands from the most iconic festivals of all time, in their SummerFest show. Rock101 and Adult Programs kick things off, showcasing the hard work they put in this summer. Anyone signed up for the Fall Season (or still thinking about it) should be sure to check this out! You'll leave inspired for the start of the season, and motivated for your turn to take the stage.


Welcome to School of Rock Natick, where students learn to rock their worlds. School of Rock Natick has the best combination of instructors, instruments, and captivating programs to get your student strumming, drumming, playing, or singing their way to rockstar status. At School of Rock Natick, we believe as much in the power of the band as we do in the thrill of a killer solo act. We bring our kids and the community of Natick together to create excellent performers who learn from cool, real life experiences in the world of music. Our performance-based approach amps up our students for serious fun and serious success. Music in a team-based environment is today’s gateway to education, confidence, fun, friendship, and so much more.