The Kingston Trio

Friday October 9, 2015
$48 public / $44 members

"...the American folk-singing combo brought a packed auditorium to life with a rousing sing-a-long show coupled with perfectly timed comedy relevant to the current social-political scene." - Stafford County Sun

In 1957 America was ready for a new style of music. The music that Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds, and Dave Guard created took dormant folk music and gave it a comic twist. The music was rooted in American Popular culture, but performed with a refreshing style that now seems timeless. Like the Beatles, The Kingston Trio created a national audience for their new style of music, causing a ripple effect on the entire music industry. 

Today, current members Bill Zorn (2004), George Grove (1976) and Rick Dougherty (2005) continue the Kingston Trio legacy with fantastic reviews, command performances, and standing ovations wherever they perform. As a fan put it, "our generation may not live forever, but I'll bet The Kingston Trio will!"