Deborah Henson-Conant: Lose your Blues!

Saturday February 18, 2017
$26 public | $24 members

"Virtuoso out-of-the box harpist…known as the rockin’ bad girl of the harp world. She took the ancient instrument off its pedestal, cocked it on her hip, and made it play everything…" -NPR: On Point

Grammy-nominated electric harp legend Deborah Henson-Conant (“DHC”) brings her riveting performance style back to TCAN before heading off to Europe and China. Her shows combine music, humor, stories with a range of musical styles that fuse Blues, Flamenco, Jazz, Musical Theater and straight out inspirational.

Her voice has been compared to Carly Simon and Joan Baez; her playing to Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix; and her humor to musical comedian Victor Borge and even Eddie Izzard. And then there’s the harp…

For over two decades, DHC has collaborated with the world’s most cutting edge harp company, CAMAC harps in France, to develop what’s become the most popular electric harp in the world, a 32-string carbon-fibre wearable electric harp that’s named after her, the “DHC” - the instrument you’ll see up close and personal on the stage at TCAN.