Artist Talkback: Ellis Paul

Critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, poet, and troubadour, Paul tours his latest family CD, The Hero in You, presenting 14 original songs highlighting the bright spots of America’s great heritage, and winning a Gold Parents Choice Award. Called “one of contemporary folk music’s most influential voices,” Ellis in turn salutes Ben Franklin, Rosa Parks, Woody Guthrie, and more. The Hero in You follows Dragonfly Races, Ellis’ award-winning 2007 family CD.

With a whopping 13 Boston Music Awards under his belt, he has made a significant mark on the modern history of folk music. Chief architect of the Boston school of songwriting, his music is urbane, literate folk-pop that ignited the ‘90’s folk revival. Ellis bridges the gulf between a contemporary folk sound and the Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger tradition. Opening for the evening show is Rebecca Loebe, former contestant on NBC’s The Voice.

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Q. How does the energy differ in a room when performing a family show vs. an evening show?

A. There's more motion at a family show. For me there is more driving at a family show too-- I steer the show more. It's about keeping their attention and energy level -- so I reach out to them more. For the adult shows, the energy is more interactive and subtle.


Q. How did you choose the heroes you profile in The Hero in You?

A. I wanted a variety of men and women of different races and back grounds. I wanted famous and not so famous. So you have Rosa Parks, and Augustus Jackson who was a former slave who made his fortune selling ice cream.


Q. Are there any musicians that you are really into right now?

A. Sam Baker. John Fullbright. Rebecca Loebe....


Q. You're performing a daytime show for children and families and an evening show for your older fans. What can the fans expect from each show?

A. At the heart of what I do at both shows is tell stories with my guitar.


Q. What makes Boston such a great music city?

A. Good radio stations, colleges, great venues like TCAN.


Q. You've been at TCAN several times before -- what makes the venue

special or different for you?

A. Everything about the place is conducive to a good show – good lights, good sight lines, good seats, great sound.