Current Show

Written by Guernsey LePelly
Directed by Jennifer Rich


A body - which just won’t stay dead, it seems - is found in a chest in an abandoned gunpowder factory. This has all the elements of the classic “dark-and-stormy-night” mysteries - a young girl and her two rival boyfriends, stranger-than-strange strangers, a mysterious doctor, a murderer, and that corpse that just won’t stay put! Find out which boyfriend Kate decides to marry, who the murderer is, and what happens to the wandering corpse!


Friday March 2 8pm
Saturday March 3 8pm
Sunday March 4 2pm
Thursday March 8 8pm
Friday March 9 8pm
Saturday March 10 8pm
Sunday March 11 2pm

Kate – Hannah Clifford
Sky – Bill Del Sesto
Lane – Lucas Commons-Miller
Aunty Bess – Shelly Truax
Mrs. Ranch – Cathy Merlo
Dr. Hooker - Paul Gillespie
Lorna – Holly Kapinos
Nan – Alessandra Bono Horton
Dottie – Nancy Rodriguez
Charlie – Scott Salley
Emmeline – Krystyana Greaves
Cordyce – Laura Steele

TCAN Players' production is generously sponsored by MutualOne Bank.