Business Sponsorship

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks

Donate now to become a TCAN Business Sponsor

As a corporate sponsor of TCAN, your business takes center stage and demonstrates your commitment to the MetroWest community. Our audience notices who supports us. And that audience includes over 21,000 TCAN patrons in both the Metrowest and Greater Boston areas.

But your investment in the arts does much more than give you marketing visibility throughout the region. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to the community. Your sponsorship will allow us to keep programs affordable so that everyone in the community can enjoy the benefits of the arts. And together we will build a healthy, more vibrant community.

A thriving creative sector is a powerful engine for economic development, and it is “good business” to invest in the arts. As the anchor of the Natick Center Cultural District, TCAN has been an important catalyst for the downtown’s revitalization.  Your partnership with TCAN will not only provide your business with extensive regional visbility, but will also enhance the region's economic development.

We look forward to forming a mutually-beneficial strategic partnership with your business.  To thank you for your support, we offer an expansive list of marketing and membership benefits.  For more information, please contact Libby Smelker at 508.647.0097 x209 or